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stolen affections

Posted: 2011/07/16 in family, joy, struggle
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I think I am watching the innocence of my children leaving.  Some may read this in a negative light, I just think it’s part of growing up.  In many, and probably most ways, my kids have the heart of a child but today I sat in my living room just watching my kids talk about popular pop songs.  My kids are 7, 6, and 4, and when they’re talking about what pandora station they want to listen to and their choices include artist like Bieber, Ke$sh, and Bruno Mars, I am slowly watching other things compete for the affections of my children (no, I’m not one that things non-christian music is from the devil).  I strongly desire my kids to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.  I want the cross to be the center of their life and change their heart and their outlook on everything.  I want Jesus to be the thing that radiates from their being.

This is what I know, I am never going to be able to “protect” them from things that have the intent of robbing them from the joy that is only found in Christ.  Part of maturity and part of growing up is being able to see these things and choosing Christ by the grace of God.  Stacy and I have a plan on what song’s are appropriate for our kids.  In this tiny scope of realty (which this issue is not about music), as terrible as some songs are, we know that the true and most dangerous “affection robbers” come not just in the obvious, but in the obscure.

I see the need stronger than ever to find consistent family worship, things that continually point us to the cross of Jesus, because if I’m lazy as their parent, it could be deadly in the end.  Jesus protect them and save them, lead me as I seek to lead them!


Stacy’s Travel

Posted: 2009/03/06 in family, haiti, missions, stacy, travels

i was thankfully able to talk to Stacy through the night last night as she traveled across country.  she left at 5:30pm (pacific time) from the Portland airport and headed to LAX.  they had a few hours layover there before she jumped on a plane and headed to Miami.  she got in at Miami around 7:00am est.  her flight took off from Miami and headed to Port au Prince, Haiti around 10:ooam est.

we were anticipating her flights being pretty open flights because they were red-eye flights.  everyone else apparently thought the same thing.  every flight was packed.

everyone on the team packed their luggage in carry-on suitcases.  that was amazing in itself…10 days worth of things for  international travels in a carry-on.  if you know about flying you know that each person gets to check two bags under the plane.  this medical team sacrificed luggage space and each person check two boxes full of medical supplies (previously packed by the team).  the one thing the “veterans” told us (who are already on the ground in Haiti), do not let the airlines gate check your bags.  you do not want to loose ALL of your personal items in one fatal swoop.  they told the team to fight for their luggage and make the flight attendants take someone else’s luggage that isn’t flying internationally. 

guess what…flight attendants took three of the teams bags and gate checked them.  CRAP!  i don’t know the details but Stacy sounded nervous.  

in Miami, Stacy sounded extremely tired (as i am sure the whole team is after crazy travel hours).  nervous about her bags and thinking about a story we read about in a blog that we frequent a few days ago, she was getting on the plane.  

at 10am pacific time I got an unexpected text (because I was not expecting her to have any cell service) from Stacy that they had landed safely in Port au Prince, without problems and she had her bags in hand ready to go through customs.  PRAISE JESUS!   

her text read: “I cant believe I have full (cell) service (currently)!  We haven’t made it to customs yet.  Weather is amazing!  I already love it here…well see when I get oustide!

after i asked if she had her luggage she said in all caps, “YES I DID, PRAISE JESUS!”

Austen, my oldest, is in that phase of his life where everything that he does…that we praise… he says, “i want to be a (fill in the blank) when i grow up.”  it’s hard to express the feelings that i get when i hear my son dream.  it’s joyful.  i have almost forgot what it is to dream. i encourage people to dream all the time but do i still dream?  maybe!

 Austen, pursue Christ with your whole heart, relentlessly…and dream buddy.  God has gifted you and may your sin never quench that.  never forget that you are evil at the core but Christ righteousness will make you righteous everyday.  He will fill you with joy as you pursue Him and His love will allow to do thing that you never thought were possible.  love Him my son!  i love you forever…for always…my little boy you’ll be!