been a while

Posted: 2011/07/16 in Uncategorized

I know that no one reads my blogs, mainly because it’s been a year and a half since I’ve posted last, but I think it’s time to start posting again.  I romanticize about having a place to write down my thoughts and ask questions.  Not really looking for answers necessarily, just a safe place to put down what in my head.  My mind tends to be a black whole at times.  I always feel I am wrestling withs some great questions and every now and then I have something profound pop in my brain.  But as quick as they come, they tend to go.  I pray that in my longing to love Jesus, in my struggle to be the best husband that I can, and in my desire to lead my kids to the cross, I pray this is a place that I can wrestle openly – safely (even though it’s open to the world wide web).

I’m not looking to gain readers or followers.  Its actually preferred if no one reads.  Jesus I pray that you use it to lead me to Yourself and glorify Yourself through it.


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