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Check out this story from Haiti.

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Forgotten Haiti…again?

Posted: 2010/01/24 in Uncategorized

I am breaking blogging silence.  It’s been since…dang…i don’t know…since last April?  A lot has been going on these past 2 weeks.  I want to start off and ask a simple question to the believers of Jesus…how are you reconciling what’s going on in Haiti in light of a loving God?  Read this.

Now…onto the purpose of my post.  The Media attention in Haiti is starting to die off.  Please do not confuse this fact with the rumor that things are starting to level off there.  If anything, things are just getting started.  If you have been frozen in these past weeks and never had the opportunity to give financially to the efforts that are going on in Haiti…it is far from too late.

I know that “giving” to this cause is not new news.  NBC alone raised 57 million dollars Friday night.  Wow..amazing…but this is not the end.  Haiti is not back to normal…I don’t know if it ever will.  Please, don’t forget this beautiful country again.

Here is a bit of our joy:

My wife and I support an organization called Haiti Foundation of Hope (this is who she went to Haiti with last March).  Our Haitian friend, pastor, and partner in this organization has been working diligently to pass out food and everyday supplies to haitians living in Port-au-Prince.  We had the privilege to give to HFH.  I am so thankful that our resources (God’s resources) that we entrusted to HFH were being used immediately and not sitting on the tarmac of PAP airport.  To give credit to this article and not be dramatic, it was written 4 days ago and the reports that Stacy and I read about are that these supplies are being released…but slowly.  It has to be diplomatic process.  But people are dying in this process.  Death is not a recent past for Haiti…it’s todays realization.  People are still dying.  It is a horrific site…with small joys and victory stories are emerging though (link was written last night).

If you still want to give to the cause in Haiti and want the relief funds to go directly to use please give at the trusted locations:

HFH, Heartline Ministries (Haitian ministry), World Wide Village, and Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center (a long-time clinic in Haiti)

I know these funds are being directly put to use and they are in need.  Heartline has expressed recently that their funds are dwindling fast…so PRAY…GIVE…and ACT.