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Posted: 2009/04/12 in christianity, church, easter

today’s the day i have been waiting for all weekend.  i walked into our churches worship service stoked about what was to come.  last time we gathered together, on good friday, we soaked in half the story…the death of Christ.  as i previously mentioned, it was weighty.  we carried it’s weight all weekend (and blessedly so).  it was an indescribable freeing emotion to stand and openly proclaim…within our covenant community of believers:

“Oh praise the one who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead.”   – Kristian Stanfill style

I am thankful for a community that never lets me forget my sin and pushes me to approach the thrown of grace with empty arms…ready to be filled by my Savior.  Lord, may I never attempt to bring before you my feeble attempts to worship you but come empty handed ready to receive what You are willing to give.  Let me rejoice in the salvation that You have so graciously given me.  Let me be satisfied in Your presence.  Lead me to obedience in my faith…i will go!  continue to transform me with the power of Your Spirit!  thank you for the cross.  thank you for the empty tomb.  thank you for the gospel of reconciliation.  and thank you that i am a part of Your story.

all glory to the One who draws people to Himself!

  1. Clark Bunch says:

    That day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday is called Holy Saturday. It’s usually a sad time, because just like you say we’re walking around with visuals of the disciples scattering in fear and Mary weeping at the tomb. But Sunday’s coming…

  2. simplyjy says:

    @ Clark: thanks for the insight! i think the sadness i experienced had to do more with realization that it was my sin that put Him there. that’s what the cross is all about right? i guess i am trying to say that my visions are not toward someone else (i.e. the disciples) but more towards my own mourning of sin.

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