good friday – True Love died!

Posted: 2009/04/11 in christianity, church, easter, sin


like most my post…this is an attempt (and maybe a poor one) to put into words what’s in my heart!


i attend my first meaningful good friday service last night at my church.  amazing.  probably the most amazing thing was the conversation that took place afterwards.  on the way to the car Stacy mentioned how devastating the service was and her words took me by surprise, and i hope changed my life forever.  God opened my heart to all that took place.  i thought the service was amazing but i did not take away what she did.  her heart is so pure.  she is an amazing woman.  the following words are the outcome of our conversation and the conversations that followed the rest of the evening.  

“Incredibly weighty Good Friday Service tonight. We too often rush pass the cross to get to the empty tomb.”  – David Bruskas: via his facebook status.

the weight of good friday hit me for the first time.  God is allowing me to sink into the weight of such a weighty topic.  David is so right, how we quickly rush past the cross to get to the empty tomb.  guilty.  the empty tomb is so glorious, so fulfilling, so life giving…but without the cross we would never have the empty tomb.  

that’s what last night was all about at our good friday service.  the whole evening was somber.  our sanctuary chairs were arranged differently focused on the center of the room where “the table” was set up.  a dimly lit room facing a line of tables layered in candles with bread and juice scattered throughout.  scripture was read over us…the story of the death of Christ…broken up by songs sung over us, worship songs, that focused on His death and our depravity.  we never stood.  we never were encouraged to engage in worship.  we praised but it was a different kind of praise.  the experience was one of a kind.  

our lead pastor then took about 15 minutes to explain the table.  this explanation was done in a manner that i have never experienced.  the focus wasn’t on 1 Corinthians 11 but on Romans 5:6-8, “You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.  Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous man, through for a good man someone might possibly dare to die.  But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”  this is unconventional in my experience but perfect and yet devastating, because that was the end of then night.  in the midst of it all our pastor took some time and talked about Jesus sitting at the table with this twelve, during the passover feast, explaining how things were about to change.  the bread and wine that symbolized slavery will now represent Him and freedom…but not yet.  the night finished on His death, the day that True Love died.  

we took bread and wine…as Stacy explained to me, it was hard to celebrate communion with only half the story.  she said to me that she didn’t want to but Christ commanded it so she did.  

wow…that’s weighty.  

there is, and should be, so much weight that comes with the cross.  True Love is there.  He is there because you and i put him there…in our sin.  curtain down.  the night is over.



i can’t wait for sunday.  i cant wait to celebrate.  i can’t wait to stand and sing “glory to my King” because He is risen.  but God, don’t let me get there too fast.  don’t let me rush past Your cross before it is time.  when that time comes though, let me sing…receiving the power that lies in Your resurrection…the resurrection that you have given to me.  the righteousness You require to be in Your presence, God, You have given me through Your Son’s salvation.  


i wait…


in somber mourning of my sin…i wait…  

  1. Marsha says:

    Thank you for sharing this, I focused on Romans 5:6-8 a lot yesterday, it seems all my life I never really got the true sacrifice that was made for us on this day and it is sinking in now. It seems the closer I get to jesus the more this day and easter time hits me hard. I am going to post this video on my blog also I hope that is ok. Have a very blessed easter with your family.

  2. simplyjy says:

    @ Marsha: i can’t tell you how awesome it’s been these past several months catching up since high school…never really considered us that close then but it’s amazing how we can be reunited by the common bond of Christ. you’re awesome. remember the cross today. celebrate His resurrection Sunday. one step at a time girl.

    “Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted.” Matthew 5:4

    it’s a promise from the mouth of Christ.

  3. erika says:

    wow that is amazing and powerful. thank you so much for sharing this. i am going through the hardest time in my life right now and this helped to put things into perspective. thanks and blessings!!

  4. simplyjy says:

    @Erika: please don’t thank me, thank my Savior. this is my feeble attempt to put on paper what’s in my head and heart with hopes of brining Him glory. i am so thankful that God is pursuing you!

  5. […] time we gathered together, on good friday, we soaked in half the story…the death of Christ.  as i previously mentioned, it was weighty.  we carried it’s weight all weekend (and blessedly so).  it was […]

  6. Marsha says:

    Thanks Jordan! I feel the same 🙂 I have realized what the true meaning of “brothers and sisters in christ” is all about. It is a beautiful thing! We are so blessed arent we? ~ marsha

  7. erika says:

    Jordan: yup, the Lord is always nipping at my heels…lol…thank you for sharing what’s in your heart, and you DO glorify Him !!!

  8. […] with teaching God’s word only gave half the story today.  sometimes this is appropriate.  easter (good friday) this was totally appropriate.  but today’s message was […]

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