urgent prayer request update

Posted: 2009/03/12 in haiti, missions, stacy, travels

from Stacy:

This morning has been long and sucky and draining for everyone.  We found out that one of the pregnant mom that came to the clinic on Monday, delivered her baby Tuesday morning at home and then the mom died shortly after.  The dad brought the baby in for formula.  Horrible.  Then a friend of everyone’s in the clinic was diagnosed with HIV.  That was all in the first 20 minutes and there are just so many people to be seen today.  It is very busy.  Luckily none of us are sick, but we are all pretty tired by now and we have one more day.  Yikes.  Lunch was a good recharge and I think everyone is pulling it together to get through the afternoon…

…Thankfully a lot of really sick people have come in to the clinic this week and we are glad we were here because they may not have had the means to treat them if we weren’t.  So that is good!   I am already looking forward to Sunday, but trying to cherish my last 2 days in clinic.  We leave here later Saturday morning, hit the beach, then sleep at a hotel outside of PAP.  I think we are all looking forward to some R&R…even though the last couple of afternoons have been pretty posh


to those that have been praying, thank you guys.  you may never know on this side of glory how much your prayers really mean.  thank you, thank you, thank you…


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