Stacy Sunday Update

Posted: 2009/03/08 in haiti, missions, stacy, travels

the teams twitter, yesterday, “Greeted in Terre Blanche with songs, prayer, and love. Preparing to serve the sick tomorrow, at both the church (a.m) and clinic (p.m.).”


is it alright with some of my more conservative readers if i shout a big “hell yeah”?  Stacy called last night.  oh my gosh, i can not believe that i got to hear her voice.  she got a chance to talk to all of her babies and sounded really happy.  

HUGE PRAISE:  the whole team made the long trek to Terre Blanche alright.  i asked Stacy about her trip and she said that there was so much to look at on the journey that her motion sickness was not even a factor.  WOW, HUGE!  I asked her if it was all that she imaged it would be and she said that the destruction was a million times worse than she anticipated.  i can’t even fathom what that means, i just know that it’s bad.

the teams twitter said this morning, “Haitian alarm clock: a convention of roosters crowing and donkeys braying, announcing it’s 5:00 a.m. Good morning from Terre Blanche.”  today they were joining the local church for services and after church they were opening the clinic for the first time…a day earlier than they anticipated…but they are all very excited.  in an email that i received this morning Stacy mentioned that she was going to be a “provider” in the clinic which is way outside her comfort zone for today.  i think she feels inadequate and is more comfortable working with the OB doc doing ultrasounds but her attitude is great, she says, “I got over it (not being able to be on ultrasound today) and guess that God has something else in mind for me.”  

i pray that God gives her wisdom in dealing with the patients.  as situations arise that she may not have the answers too i pray that the other doctors and nurses would be available to help.  God, i ask that you give her confidence of You in her.  


till next time….

  1. marsha says:

    I am enjoying following your blog the kiddos are so super cute! What a wonderful idea to video each night. I am praying for Stacy every time I think of it. Also, I must say your children pray beautifully. It is so awesome to see children so close to god.

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