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Posted: 2009/03/08 in haiti, stacy, travels

Sunday: Email #1

(i left out the personal stuff that lead up to this) the clinic was hard work…overwhelming.  I feel pretty dumb, and timid.  Hopefully it will get better…I’m sure it will.  I just can not say enough about what Haiti looks like…it is crazy.  Mountains every where.  The people of Terre Blanche will just follow us everywhere we go….sometimes holding our hands and taking pics with us.  Their houses are seriously the size of our pantry…ridic.  I am going to appreciate all the pics I see online so much more now that I have seen in for the reals.  I do not even know if I can pin-point one thing God has taught me…there is just so much.  Jason did great this morning.

Sunday: Email #2

Hey!  The phone is not working so I can’t call you 😦  It is crazy ridiculously windy outside and I think it is blowing the satellite everywhere.  Hopefully it is working tomorrow.  I hope the Mosaic Haiti nice was cool.  There is no way in the world that the food was half as good as ours…seriously it is so good.  I have eaten 2 plates each night.  Everything has been great…I don’t know what else to say.


*** our church had a Haiti night tonight in honor of the team that is serving.  it was really cool!  the served rice and beans, made us ‘work’ for the food, and made us walk across the campus to fetch a bucket of water.  as cheesy as it may sound it was really cool.  after we ate the leaders shared certain prayer request from the field and we spent time praying for them.  then everyone involved wrote encouraging words to the team that will be emailed out to them tonight!  


  1. Linda says:

    I check your site several times a day—it helps so much to hear how she is doing. I pray for her strength and for God to continue to bless the Haitians that are suffering so much. I think you may need to continue those videos for Nana—so precious! Makes being away a little easier to see them so often!

  2. chrisl says:

    Hey Jordo. I hope you are surviving single parenthood. Thanks for
    posting these. It is great to hear a bit of what is going on.

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