Posted: 2009/02/28 in Austen, christianity, sin, struggle
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how do you teach a 5 year old repentance?


i don’t know if my heart has ever been so broken.  Austen has entered into this phase of his life where he knows all the right answers when he is in trouble but the look on his face is so blank.  he got in big trouble yesterday for a rebellious act.  we “discussed” it.  today he got in trouble for the same thing…twice.  dumb.  he doesn’t get it.  tonight (the last time) when he got busted he knew it was bad…but his “sorry” never left the stage of “crap, i just got caught.”  can you teach a kid to have a repentant heart?  am i able to teach him that being sorry is not about the trouble you’re in or about how “firm” i am.  the most emotion i got tonight was when he started crying because i got firm with him.  dude, it’s not about how disappointed i get!  it’s about being sorry that you broke your mom’s and my heart bro.  it about loosing trust.  it’s about never wanting to go down that road again.  

i can not change his heart.  only God can change his heart.  i can love him, teach him about sin, embrace him, teach him about the glorious things about God…but i can’t change him.  

God save my little boy.  change him from the inside out.  break his heart when he breaks ours.  God teach me the same thing about my own sin in how it breaks your heart.  thank you for allowing me to struggle through this only to teach me about “a Fathers love for me.”  

I love you Jesus!

  1. Jeanette says:

    I think the only way children learn to be “sorry” is if you show them when you are sorry. That has been my experience.

  2. simplyjy says:

    living by example…great concept. i really believe that goes a long way. i think there has to be more to it as well. when we teach our children and it’s backed up by the way we treat them…i believe that really speaks volume. my greatest question in this is how can i teach a changed heart?

  3. I think you’re expecting too much from a 5 yr old boy. Honestly, they pick things up differently than girls do, and you’ll be amazed at how much he will exhibit as life goes on, just by seeing you and your wife interact. I don’t think you can “teach a changed heart” but as an adult, you can model the behavior and discuss it.

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