Stacy’s going to Haiti

Posted: 2009/01/07 in haiti
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2009 is here and Stacy is headed to Haiti in March.  dang we are excited for this trip.  Haiti has been on our hearts for a while and God is faithful in getting us there.  it seemed impossible 6 months ago but here we are.  because of the financial gifts given to us over Christmas her trip is paid for.  thanks mom, linda, and papa.  

in the posts to come i will write all about Haiti and fill those of you in who want to know.  as i further my studies on this country i will fill all of you in.  

let’s begin the journey…

  1. How exciting!! Our Church Haiti Team is headed to Les Anglais (I’m tired, I think I spelled that wrong) in February on a Medical Mission. I will get there one of these years, but not until my son is old enough to go with me.

  2. marsha says:

    That is AWESOME! I am so excited for her I know from reading your blogs how much god has placed Haiti on your hearts and to see him open the doors to make this trip possible is too cool! Congrats!!

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